Monday, November 06, 2006

Who wins?

Great question, and by the look of the blogs this morning it is one with 1,000s of answers! For my part the prediction is so mushy as to be not important. I believe the Dems may have a 1-3 seat majority in the House, and the GOP a 1-2 seat majority in the Senate (counting Jeffords as a well as Lieberman).

There is a tremendous piece at TCS Daily with LOTS OF PREDICTIONS!

It is an interesting read.

The important thing? VOTE!

In a nutshell that is the most important thing.

As for my prediction above, I feel this might give us a fairly stable congress basically doing nothing for 2 years. It could be disasterous for the tax cuts, however.

Primary among the results of a screaming idiot like Pelosi in charge(& her minions of disaster as chairmen of committees) would be the return to GOP control in 2008. That, I am fairly certain, would be Pelosi's legacy for 2006-2008.

One thing of which I am certain. The quiet in the blogosphere and all other media following the election (providing we don't have horrendous recounts, manufactured "problems", etc.) will be sweet music to my ears and brain. Sort of the same effect I felt after 2004. The sounds of silence!