Monday, November 06, 2006

What Do The Iraqi People Think?

Of the Saddam ruling.....

Check the statement of Mohammad one of the Iraq The Model guys who is Iraqi, lives in Iraq, and has been through the entire thing.....a local view, not the myopic and directed views of those of us with USA agendas:

"This is the day for Saddam’s lovers to weep and I expect their shock and grieve to be huge. They had always thought their master was immortal so let them live in their disappointment while we live for our future.

This is a day not only for Iraqis but a historic day for the whole region; today new basis for dealing between rulers and peoples are found.

No one is above the law anymore.

I was particularly pleased by the way Judge Raouf Rasheed handled the session; he was reading the court’s decision and at the same time chastising members of the current government for their misbehavior and threatened to throw them in custody regardless of their ranks!

We are living a new era where there’s much hope despite the difficulties…our sacrifices have a noble cause, that is to build a new model that obviously terrifies other tyrants."

Now it is time to move on, and to hope that Mohammad is right about other Middle Eastern despots shaking in their boots a bit.

If you'd like to read the entire piece by Mohammed, it is at Pajamas Media.