Tuesday, November 07, 2006

& Thus It Begins!

The reports are already in the media (read MSM), including a big story at FOX NEWS all about random incidents across the nation of voting problems from missing cards to machines not programmed, etc. ABC sez VOTERS FRAZZLED BY PROBLEMS. NBC adds their version inVOTING PROBLEMS CROP UP.

Strange as it may seem CBS is somewhat quiet in the face of their usual thrilling headlines.

For my part, if one goes back to records on the history of voting in this country there have been snafus in EVERY election since the original. They are not new, and probably cannot be cured by any form of voting, except a possible nationalization which is not friendly to the constitution!

I voted in my NW Hillsborough precinct with ease and calmness around 11am this morning. The officials reported no problems there or in other area polling places.

Unfortunately the voting totals will be small, as usual in an off-year election.

One of my most discouraging times as a voter...and newsman...was back in Illinois when I was News Director of a station in the Chicago Metro area and the state had a constitutional convention. Elected folks rewrote the constitution over 18 months, and then we in the media spent months exposing the entire thing to the people via interviews, stories, etc. When it came time to vote 18% of voters turned out! How pathetic was that?


UPDATE: I found the real stuff at Instapundit where he reports, through another, There are "officially" no problems! Hummmm