Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lieberman, Man With the Hammer?

Could Joe Lieberman be in the position of majority-maker in the Senate?

O.K. It is a bit early to speculate that far, but certainly I'm not without some facts to support the speculation.

Lieberman, denied by his state party; chastised by the Dems nationally; considered a bit of an embarrasment; but victorious! I heard speculation last night on FOXNews about the way the Dems would treat Lieberman on his return to the Senate. The comments were about denying him any real part in the caucus.

Let me examine where we are this morning.

49-49 in the Senate with two races hanging, BUT leaning Democratic.

49-49 is actually 49 (R) -47 (D) -2 (I) with the two independents, Jeffords and Lieberman, caucusing with the Democrats.

If Joe Lieberman is shunned by his former party and decides to: a) change parties, or b) caucus with the GOP, the Senate control count is........(Ta Dah!) 50 (D) & 50 (R)...a tie! The tie, however is completely a myth as a tie produces a vote with VP Dick Cheney deciding the outcome. Thus: GOP control!

Yeppers, Joe Lieberman is a man to whom the Dems better offer an olive branch....quickly!

Sometimes things are just too delicious to contemplate. Paybacks are hell!

All that said, I am sure, knowing the man Joe Lieberman is and has been in the Senate, he will probably still caucus with the Dems.....BUT....(& isn't there always a BUT?)


UPDATE: I was not the only one who had the idea....just had it 1st! Michelle Malkin points to this story by James D. Besser writing for
The Jewish Week. Frankly, his story is more well written, and contains a lot of interview answers I did not try to obtain....I, usually just give my impressions....Maybe it is time to return to my newsman origins, and begin "reporting" instead of expressing my beliefs! Something to ponder!