Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just Wondering!

The weather here in Tampa is dreary and grey.....Rainy (uncharacteristic for this time of year).....I begin to wonder....Could it all be the harbinger of GOP bad news.

Actually the projections are as many out there as there are cigars in Tampa. Probably just as many outcomes also.

I already spoke on my projection......GOP Senate, DEM House, and small majority for each indicating a quite nice stalemate for the next two years. This will NOT mean no more tax money spent.....Lets remember that both parties wear bath-towel napkins when partaking at the pork trough! They all do it, and some even brag like Alaska's Stevens.

How do voters indicate their opposition to this? There is no safe direction to pursue to indicate to the hogs they need to stop.


VOTE if you have not!