Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not A Consensus,But Bad Move Anyway!

Once again, it would appear, George Bush has taken a mandate in the form of full control of congress and the presidency and waffled into a compromise mode on the SCOTUS nomination. I feel, as do many conservatives, a bit abandoned!

Michelle Malkin states it about as well as any I have seen:

"President George Bush has once again given those of us who supported he and the GOP reason to be in grave doubt about our decision.A small minority of readers say we should wait and see, trust Bush, and hold out hope that Miers is a stealth candidate. This last line of defense is truly pathetic. We have a Republican House. A Republican Senate. And a Republican White House. Why is it, after working so hard to put a president in power who promised to appoint conservative judges, that we have to settle for crossing our fingers and accepting a blank-slate Supreme Court nominee with an ideological paper bag over her head."

Read the entire thing.....here.

On the other hand Neal Boortz calls it a "Punt" by the Pres....

"Politically hobbled by low poll numbers, President Bush decided yesterday that he was going to make the safe choice for his next Supreme Court nominee. Did he follow in his father's footsteps, picking a strict constitutionalist and strong conservative as Bush Sr. did when he nominated the 43-year-old Clarence Thomas?

Nope. Instead, we get his 60-year-old personal lawyer, Harriet Miers. Sorry to say it, but this one looks like a deal with the Democrats. For proof of this, you need look no further than the comments from Democratic minority leader Harry Reid on the nominee: "I like Harriet Miers." Bush was also supposedly told by some "Republicans" in the Senate that he had little chance of getting a conservative confirmed. So here we are."

I am just discouraged across the board.....immigration, SCOTUS, Social Security.... Just too many loses or ties from a majority(?) party....and then, throw in the massive budget growth and you have a losing 2006 formula.