Saturday, September 24, 2005

Gasoline....Price UP, Price DOWN????

The projections and the MSM hysteria regarding production are really apparently off-course as to the reality of little damage from the hurricane to the oil-gas production structure!

How let us see what happens with pricing!

If the storm has produced little reduction, and little damage to the oil fields in the gulf it should be a terminal event for the argument that Gulf oil production is risky/potentially destructive......

Perhaps it is time for we Floridians to consider joining Texas/Mississippi/Alabama in enjoying the profits of oil production from the low risk!

NO LEAKS/OIL Damages have occurred because of the storms to date!

That is important! If delays in production occur, then that is business as usual...but NO leaks indicates the enviro-freaks are way too far out on the "scream and shout" ledge without proof!

Enviro-freaks may scream loud and long, but if we are to break the hold the Middle-East has on us for oil, we need ANWR & The Florida Gulf for production.....

Floridians need to leave behind the utopian thoughts of "someone else" doing the fuel production, and begin assessing our national dependence upon the unstable middle-east!