Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hamas...."We'll do Enough to Insure Death...OURS!"

These village idiots of the group Hamas are just too stupid to be alive, and they may not be for long. They take advantage of the Israeli withdrawl from Gaza to begin by;

1st - Blowing up their own weapons and a good number of their citizens while parading their antique, unstable rockets about in the area.....

2nd - firing rockets into Israel at the same time.

Now the Israelis have NO reason to hold back, and lots of reason to not hold back!....

FOX covers it well right here.

The stupidity of not seeing that, granted complete control of their precious Gaza and the ability to create their own nation, they fall on their own sword by making the Israeli military an opening they cannot refuse!

Now Israel will cut them to pieces, and with justification....of course, the MSM and idiotarian UN will not respond to the Hamas attacks, but instead to the Israeli response.