Thursday, September 22, 2005

This Gets Up Close and Personal!

We sit here in Tampa, and are in constant (as allowed by availability) contact with daughter Teri and family (hubby FAA flight safety inspector....and two grandkids....2 & 4....)

They left home in Dickinson, TX....S of Houston many hours ago. They are trucking N. in a Chevy Avalanche.....They are trying the "sideroads" as opposed to interstates....

They are worried about fuel.....

The kids have a room in Dallas when they can get there. In addition my high school chum "JR" is giving them an open invitation to stay or visit to allow the kids some exercise. How nice to have friends almost anywhere.....including, in our group, Russia! (more on that later)

A room from tonight to Sunday night.

We are praying, but "in case" we have a standing invite for Daughter Teri and grandkids to live with us til house is OK for their the event it is damaged!

These hurricanes impact us all.....


p.s. How sad to see many of the flights out of NO ended with results of checks for records finding more than 50% were felons.....What a shame!

UPDATE: The "kids" (how can you call hubby of daughter a kid when he is over 40?), made it safely to Fort Worth and are ensconced in a hotel where they had made reservations several days ago in anticipation....They are tired as it took them 16.5 hours to get there, even using side roads instead of the interstates. They are going shopping and will stay in their rooms, although two friends of "Duke" from the area have volunteered visit/play time for them and two grandkids 2 & 4....

UPDATE2: The kids, showing their usual common sense, have been busy....bought a generator to take back home. Also several gas cans filled with fuel for they have a 2nd car sitting at home with 18 gallons on board if they need to power the generator for several days. They will not, however, leave until at least Monday.....possibly get home. Nice to have confidence in your kids abilities!