Friday, September 16, 2005

Captain, I Disagree!

Not very often do I find myself on the side opposite Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters Blog. His reaction finding President Bush to be too late in the scheme of things with his speech last night is one of those times.

Ed's article is good reading, but I disagree with the premise!

President Bush waited until the carnage was unraveled, and the true picture of New Orleans was emerging. He waited, even as he visited the scene and toured Mississippi and Louisiana. He waited as media stories flew about lateness of the feds, unused buses and accusations thrown by residents, by the Mayor of NO & by a shaky, weepy Governor of Louisiana.

Then when a clear picture began to emerge he re-ignited hope and plans with his appearance last night. Reaction was not what the MSM media expected. Lorie Byrd of offers this look at the unexpected reaction of actual refugees as they sit in a dome! (HT Instapundit)

Premature speeches would have been grandstanding. This speech was a conciliatory, nearly "blameless" presentation designed to offer hope, and pull America back together from a largely-MSM and political division created through shouting, finger-pointing, etc. Bush changed that last night!

Ho-Rah! Mr. President.

The right man, with the right message, at the RIGHT time!