Friday, September 09, 2005

The Fair Tax Book - Get it!

Son, Lil Duke, of Jacksonville, FL, was kind enough to obtain for me an autographed copy of Neal Boortz & Congressman John Linder's marvelous new publication, "The Fair Tax Book".....he stood in line in Jacksonville to obtain same and mailed it to me.

If you are not an IRS lover.....and do not enjoy paying tax upon tax upon tax....Then you NEED to read this book.

NYT Best seller list #1 for at least two weeks, and still selling like hotcakes.

It answers, in simple straight-forward language, the problem...and proposes the elimination of the IRS thru an ingenuious plan. How would you like to NOT have an April 15th deadline each year?

Get it.....Read it! & Thanks Lil Duke for thinking of your old man!