Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans...Faults May Be Local!

Over at Vodka Pundit, Stephen Green relates both his personal familiarity with New Orleans and then his take on why the majority of blame for a failed levee system, political force, and police department are the problem....not GWB!

You need to read this perspective completely.

The tired old rhetoric from liberals that Bush is to blame and funding cuts endangered the city stinks as much as the flood/waste waters now sitting in New Orleans. Even the Corp of Engineers acknowledges the section of levee that failed was complete and done!

How did we come to build a city of more than a million souls on below-sea-level land in the first place?

We are years from a resolution of this entire mess, but need first to concentrate on taking back the city from the thugs by whatever means necessary, and then insuring food and water and a safe place for all.

My personal take is it takes a good while to bring such items together as are needed in this instance.

My heart goes out to those trapped in a basically untenable place.