Thursday, September 29, 2005

Duke...Duke...Duke...Duke of Earle!

Just too easy to pass upon....the reference to the song most of the pajamahadeen will NOT recall.....

However, the reference is great in light of such information as offered by
Powerline regarding the about-to-be-fiasco concerning the DeLay indictment!

Read it, and enjoy....

I believe this has all the ear-marks of a beginning meltdown for the Dems again in 2006....

One of my primary feelings regarding this idiotic offering from Earle is the anger at such an insulting effort. If someone in "bloggerdom" tracks this vis-a-vis the several Grand Jurys Earle has called, and the apparent "no indictment" several times before the most recent....this lends credence to the Powerline thought line!

However, I am firmly convinced that if the charge is thrown out by a judge prior to trial, it may have an absolutely opposite impact! The Dems may find themselves on a ledge with Earle.....and both may be forced to jump!

I, for one, would not be too surprised to see Earle face some charges in the near future!