Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Let Loose The Hounds!"

The Jerry Steinfeld quote is, for me at least, the match to the decision today by a judge to release a number of photos, etc. from the "Abu Whatever" prison events in Iraq.

Read at Little Green Footballs: The Story!

Now the media, and liberal voices will have something to bay about incessantly as they produce new and wonderful evidence of the events at the Iraqi prison which have already seen numbers of sentencings......but their clarion call will, of course be......"Bush has not atoned!"

How very nice of the ACLU to once-again produce anti-American decisions and rhetoric to support their own clarion call for freedom and openmindedness.....Ha!

These blithering idiots of liberal extremism choose their causes very very well, and if you AIN'T liberal you will not be choosen!



Update: Perhaps the pajamahadeen should begin to refer to the ACLU as the "American Civil Liberaltarian Union" That would certainly not be a stretch!