Monday, September 26, 2005

MSM Selective News? - Duh!

It is so very easy these days to find the selective news coverage of the MSM. Sometimes I just do it for the fun of finding what the differences are among the majors.....

For instance......

Zarqawi's #2 is killed by coalition forces......

Let us check the pages on the web......

FOX: tells it front page....but of course!

ABC finds only that: Teachers are killed in Iraq.

MSNBC finds the teachers just too exciting a story to even mention the aide being shot....they trumpet with pictures the deaths of the teachers.

CBS (surprise, surprise) does give the story front page coverage! here!

CNN has several stories....including those about the Spanish conviction of an Al Qaeda member convicted of terrorist attacks....and the 14th bride of a Swazi king....a 17 year old...but no mention of the Zarqawi 2nd in command.

Kind of funny as the media (Read MSM) seem "Stuck on Stupid" in terms of Iraq news....they find only defeatist stories....and stories of other places which are Soooo-o-o-o-o exciting as to warrant coverage in the face of facts from Iraq.

Gosh, but I wish I could label these exceptions....but alas, I cannot!