Sunday, September 25, 2005

Palestinians Reinvent the Word DUMB!

Though you'll never likely hear/see it from the MSM, the Palestinians as a group have demonstrated their lack of touch with reality. In addition they demonstrate just how woefully prepared they are to govern anything.

The Hamas rocket attacks on Israel provoke an all-out attack from Israel. Surprise? Not if you have the mental capacity of a slug!

The best summation of the events and their created reaction comes to us from Ed at Captain's Quarters.

I tried to go back and look at the rocket firing incident and to find a positive reason for said and same....even from the viewpoint of the Hamas idiots who conducted this sorry sortie. For the life of me, other than the "manhood is mine cause I have a gun" mentality, I cannot find a justification nor any possible positive reaction these people might have anticipated.

Of course, the liberal-controlled MSM and UN have taken the approach of asking both sides to cease and desist. This defies any logic. Israel gave up a lot to try to establish a peaceful existance. Their reward, though not at all unexpected, is the idiotic attack by a poorly-equipt and ill-trained bunch of thugs who had to know their firing of rockets would rain down on them the hellfire of one of the world's best-trained, most well-equipt military organizations in the world. And it did!

At this point it will be interesting to see how far Israel pushes the idiots. Also, it would be interesting to hear or see ANY reaction from Abbas. This would be the point for him to stand up and show his intentions by shutting down Hamas. I do not believe he has the will power, nor the military power to do so!


UPDATE: The soap opera, with bullets, many Hamas and other terrorist types have been killed/captured by the Israeli troops and planes. Thus Hamas announced they were going to "cease fire" once again......then promptly flung a few more rockets at Israel. They have a certain death wish and little intelligence. Must be searching diligently for their virgins!