Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Supremes have more importance than ever!

Supreme Court, that is......

Today John Roberts was sworn in as 17th Chief few, over so long a history. I have not researched it, but find that the length of service of the average Supreme Court Justice, and perhaps more importantly, the average Chief of that court is longer than any other political/appointed/elected person in our government.

Next: The Bush appointee to fill the open position as Sandra Day O'Conner retires.

The Democrats will without a doubt provide the filibuster to stop this appointee.... it matters NOT who they might be......White, Black, Spanish, etc. There will be a filibuster which will provide two important pieces of information to the 2006 voters:

A) The Democrats will fight any nominee to any judicial position

B) The famed "Club of 14" Senators will be discredited, and the GOP members of same will be exposed as having fallen to Democrat ideas...not something truly workable....

I Love politics, and find this everything I enjoy....but lacking a firm conviction that "My" GOP will be strong in the face of this challenge.....

McCain, and wimpy GOPs......get a grip!