Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Against Global Warming? You Gotta Be A Criminal!

Little Duke produces this scathing look at some of the Global Warming idiocy going on....

"So Much for Religious Tolerance

Liberals like to pay homage to the idea of religious tolerance. The idea that this country has many different ways to worship is something to be celebrated is what liberals say. They will take up arms (hire lawyers) for any oppressed religion or perceived slight to that religion. Leftists say that all religions and opinions are equal and must be allowed, if not celebrated. Liberal religious open-mindedness is universal and without question EXCEPT when it comes to the left’s religion of choice, global warming. Yes, global warming is the lefts idea of religion. It goes deeper than that. Global warming has all the requisites of a cult.

Every cult has a god, this one called government. This god is (or should be) all powerful. In fact, the only reason that our lives aren’t perfect is that we haven’t given ourselves over to the god of government and trusted it to run our lives.

A very important tenet of any cult is blind belief. Its teachings must be taken on faith. Proof doesn’t matter, we must believe and not question lest we be labeled as deniers. With global warming, we are not to question anything told to us by the cult leaders.

Cult leaders are a consensus of prophets and preachers. Yes, Al Gore is a preacher. Listen to him whip up the believers and tell me he’s not a preacher. As far as prophets, a Dr Hansen yesterday called for decisive action to avoid Armageddon (another cult favorite is to get the masses worried about the near end of the world). The clueless Dr Hansen wants us to put deniers on trial for crimes against humanity. That would be oil executives, inquisitive reporters and anyone else not bowing to the false god of the left. Ed Markey (D-Mass) called Dr Hansen a prophet. Yes, while the left tries to remove all traces of religion from any public lands, they invite their prophets to speak on Capitol Hill. I can just see the enthusiastic Ed Markey (D-Mass) practically weep uncontrollably as the prophet spoke.

Cults, to gather any strength, must have a way to communicate with the masses. Of course, the cult of global warming has the MSM. USA Today, on June 23, 2008 said the following of Dr Hansen: “The year of his testimony (1988) was the worlds hottest on record, since then 14 years have been hotter according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.” (Italics mine). While that statement may have been true at one time, NASA has since been forced to admit that Dr Hansen’s way of figuring the data was flawed. In fact, according to NASA's newly published data, the hottest year on record is 1934, not 1998 and three of the five hottest years on record occurred before 1940. I would think that the incredible reporters at USA Today would be able to do their research better, but the facts don’t work within their template. They won’t let the facts get in the way of furthering the cult.

The final tenet of the cult is atonement. This cult’s atonement requires massive amounts of money be spent to right all the wrongs. Like any good liberals, they all know that all it takes is obscene amounts of money to correct the sins of society.

Cults are usually not very dangerous to anyone except themselves. Where the cult of global warming becomes dangerous is that these cult leaders want to use the power of the government to make us all believers. Today’s Jim Jones’s want us all to drink the Kool Aid. Be very afraid!"

Thus spake Little Duke today. I am on-board. There is so much extremism today. Two sides to every issue, and the liberals have seemed most inclined to adopt a theme of "if you are against us, you are criminal"....

Some conservatives, as well, are extreme...but the GW criminal idea this time comes from a person of supposed education and enlightenment.