Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day, Part Two!

Well, as mentioned in a post just down the page, I had quite a Father's Day. It continued after I got home!

Duchess prepared a scrumptious shrimp/scallop/pasta dish with a sauce to die for. In addition fresh steamed broccoli...with the prerequisite cheese sauce, and fresh sliced peaches. Y-U-M!

Before that, however, I laid back in my favorite leather recliner and switched on the HDTV for the finish (?) of the U. S. Open. WOW!

Tiger once again proved why he is head and shoulders above ANY golfer around. He came on with a final 12 footer that spun in to cap his round and send him into an 18 hole playoff against Rocco Mediate. Tiger, on a wounded knee still recovering from surgery, will go for his 14th. Mediate seemed just really, really happy to be along for the ride following a 14 year career as a pro, and seeking one great win!

FUN stuff to help please a Father relaxing!


p.s. YES, I'll be glued to the playoff tomorrow!