Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gasoline...As Long As It Is Pricey, Democrats Win!

Yeppers folks, the Dimocrats know where their bread is buttered. If they continue to not allow us to utilize our resources here...we then have to buy from the "Oil" nations, and gas will be expensive, and that fits their agenda to a T.

Expensive gas allows them to bloviate about the oil tycoons, and the soaking of the public.

Michelle Malkin exposes this THREE CARD MONTE!

How stupid do the Democrats believe we are? Well, they are still shilling this, and it appears to be selling.

The problem is a public too dumb, or too disinterested to know the facts!

IF we had drilled ANWR 10 years ago we would be reaping the benefits now and the prices would be lower. IF we had drilled more in the Gulf's protected waters, we'd have the same result. By denying us this source of energy, the Democrats claim they are dealing with the NOW, and not the future which will not solve things now.

HAD THEY DEALT with things then we'd be fine now....

Artificial Democrat creation of a problem to allow them to bloviate!

Idiots....but only so if WE allow THEM to control this.

Write your Congress-person! Then hope he/she is a Republican!