Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Haditha 8 Now 1 - Murtha MIA

Congressman John Murtha, the man who convicted the Haditha 8 without bothering to have a trial is STRANGELY SILENT! Very strangely!

He spoke right up in brassy tones about the murderers of Haditha....

His voice was clarion clear.

Of course, there had been no trials, but Murtha was still very, very specific about the murderers.

Problem is that now the 7th person of the 8 has been totally exonerated. One remains, and it is not clear at all that he will be charged with anything.

Murtha is sulking alone in his self-created dungeon!

He has had NO response to ANY of the 7 acquittals! Imagine that from the champion of the left who tried to prematurely HANG the 8!

Gosh John.....Cat got your tongue? Or are you just a shoot-first-ask-later kind of guy?