Monday, June 16, 2008

WHAT-EVER!!!! Global Warming Caused It!

"One of the wonderful things about global warming is that no matter what happens with the weather, it can always be blamed on global warming. Of course, that only works if you're one of the Goracle's Kool-Aid drinkers. Any kind of weather symptoms whatsoever mean that global warming is real. Really hot? Global warming. Really cold? Global warming. Too many hurricanes? Global warming. Too few hurricanes? Global warming. Flooding due to excessive rain? Global warming. Droughts due to not enough rain? Global warming."

Cassy Fiano, at Wizbang, tells us the above, and a lot more H-E-R-E!!!!!

The cause is fine....the rhetoric and lies are way too much! It is simply N-O-T happening folks!