Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I wanna build a city. I guess my choice is to do so in a failed place where the floods of a number of hurricanes have decimated the place. In addition, the place is SINKING an inch or so per year!

Yeppers, sounds like the place for me to build.

So what if the place suffered floods, and problems in a previous hurricane. Who Cares???

I will still build there....

I will withstand the inevitable! I am stupid!

New Orleans is now, by reports of the folks who know, open to major floods/damage in a fairly small CLASS TWO HURRICANE......

They still live there, and for the most part the residents of "DUHville" are still awaiting massive new influx of dollars from the feds to cover their stupidity during the Katrina event.

Flood me once....OK...Flood me twice...I get a BONUS from the government!

These folks are something completely unbelievable... they are just sitting there awaiting a flood and a "NEW" rescue.

How stupid can some people be?

But then....how stupid can some care-providers be???????