Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ANWR - Making It Local!

UPDATE: w/Pics below story!

The Democrats, and environmentalists would have you believe the exploration and development of a small portion of the Alaskan Natural Wildlife Preserve....the portion actually set aside for oil exploration when ANWR was created....would be an environmental fiasco.

By the discussion and vehement opposition, one would believe that the area is huge!

Little Duke, my son and sometimes contributor here at Pekin Prattles, put a pencil to the problem of just how big an area we are discussing.

But 1st, remember....we are not talking about a beautiful place Summer there are mosquitoes which could carry off a full-grown man. In winter it is brittle-cold blizzard country hostile to all but the hardiest of critters. It is flat, featureless and inaccessible at all times.

Now for Little Duke's comparisons to bring into perspective the size of the Oil portion of ANWR!


19,000,000 acres total in reserve.

2,000 acres set aside for drilling

Drilling area (2,000) is .000105263 of total area (19,000,000)

Jacksonville, FL (largest City in the USA)

484,928 acres total in Jacksonville.

50 acres would be drilled on

Tampa, FL

71,744 acres total in Tampa.

7.5 acres would be drilled on

In the case of Tampa, that’s less than a very small city block.

One runway at the airport takes up more acreage in Tampa."

This makes things look a bit different. We cannot drop our dependence on oil from countries with whom we are not good friends without finding another source. Alternative fuels are still in their infancy, and will likely be so for the next decade or more at the least!

Drop the idiocy and DRILL! In fact if you have not done so....go now and sign Newt Gingrich's petition to our Congress. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO! Tell the Congress to end the idiocy!

UPDATE: Here is a picture of what the environuts offer as "ANWR". They lie...It IS a part of the permanently-protected ANWR, but NOT the area where drilling is planned.
That area looks like this:
Anyone else notice a bit of a difference?