Tuesday, June 17, 2008

September 10 - NEVER Again!

What is the Democrat/Liberal mindset that gives one the feeling that we can address the terrorists of the world as criminals who are much like robbers?

Obama has it. He thinks the solution to the 1st World Trade Center bombing is just completely O.K. for the terrorists of times since then. Just throw them in jail and the problem vanishes.

There is a fundamental wrong in that thinking.

Terrorists are not criminals. They are Terrorists!

They are not robbing someone. They are not assaulting someone! They are after US! They seek to destroy not just the person or persons they attack. They are trying to make an ideological difference!

They are seeking change in the very fabric of the USA.

Why or how is it the Democrats seem to feel the local cop can handle that?

These are folks who conspire on a world-wide level. They are not seeking to ROB a certain person, or number of persons. THEY are seeking to change the WAY WE LIVE and THE WAY WE THINK!

Why is that something the Liberals of the Democrat Party cannot grasp? Maybe it is because to do so would involve giving up their Liberal/Socialist menu of goals?

Perhaps they are indeed trying to destroy the very concept of freedom and of our capitalist "free economy." Perhaps they feel if they destroy that, then they will have perfect Government-In-Charge. ALL dollars flow from and to Government.

It has N-E-V-E-R before worked...it has failed in every application, but MAYBE this time they can do it differently?

Socialist systems are inherently flawed, and they always fail. They end up dead or in dictatorships. Yet, the attraction is so strong for the "perfect society" that the Liberal Democrats continue to push for Government control of ALL!

They wish to change the USA we know....permanently, forever.

Why is it this is so very, very attractive to so many folks? I guess it is because many who have not achieved are looking for the holy grail of life. The perfect society which solves all problems with nothing left to face.