Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WE LOSE! - The American People Lose!

The Senate has voted 64-whatever FOR cloture.....Thus the Senate will LIMIT DEBATE....LIMIT AMENDMENTS....LIMIT any chance for the vote DOWN of this disasterous bill....

My urge to all of you.....Check your Senator's vote......this is the vote that counts... If he voted to limit debate, and then later votes to oppose the bill (when a DEM majority assures it's passage) he is LYING to his constituency! He is seeking votes for re-election while playing games, and stopping the majority of the nation from their view of this absurd legislation.

If your Senator voted against cloture....he/she is against your position....despite the vote they apply later to the entire bill. They have set the stage, and made it possible for the passage of B-A-D legislation......let me call it 1986, V2.....

Nothing to be enforced, no illegals to be outed, no illegals to be prevented from coming here in the future.

Let GWB live with his legacy.....Failed President on everything, except the 9/11 reaction. Sad, Sad, Sad....GWB Lie, and his minions, including my own Senator Martinez, lied with him.

None of the perpetrators will have a vote from me in the future!

Martinez....you have my attention, and I'll work for, vote for, anyone who opposes you in the next election!

Enjoy your time in office.