Sunday, June 24, 2007

Biggest Battle Since The Invasion - Media SILENT!

If the MSM (Read: Antique Media) report anything that tells a story of a possible victory or positive move in Iraq, then their constant chatter about the USA losing there is not reinforced. So They just do not report anything except bombings/deaths/etc.

The BIGGEST battle since our invasion is underway in Iraq. Have you read anything about it? If so, you read blogs.

Jack Kelly reports.

How very, very sad the media of our great know, the supporters of the right to free speech....have chosen to limit speech by covering only items within their agenda.

No wonder their believability factor is somewhere down just above the lowest-ever rating of our US Congress.

Man-o-man do we need to oust some Congressional members (100%) and begin to turn full-time to the blogosphere for TRUTH!