Saturday, June 23, 2007

Set Gas Prices & You'll Have NO Gas!

Once again the Defeatocrats are meddling in the prices of gasoline, and if they succeed they will ignite a gas shortage in this country which most alive today have not experienced.


Only idiots today would believe you can regulate gas prices. It's the market stupid! The market works for a commodity such as oil which is being consumed faster than we can produce it. If we suddenly force gas companies to sell the gas at $3.00 per gallon, and they can get a better price in other parts of the world (they already do, by the way) they will quit shipping it here and send it where they can get $4.00 per gallon. That is how the business world works.

Instead of grandstanding so the government-school-educated will vote Democratic...while our economy goes down the tubes, why not do something about the problem of our having to buy gas from oil stocks from other parts of the world???? Why not obtain the oil in ANWR? Why not from the deep supplies under the Gulf? Why not reduce our energy consumption with new nuclear plants? BECAUSE...The Democrats are also trying to buy the "Green" vote by opposing all such methods of making us less oil dependent.

Mark my words.....If the current legislation, sponsored by Democrats, to control the oil prices/companies is enacted your kids will learn about long lines at gas pumps. and limited availability. They'll see what it feels like to stay at home a lot more.

The economy is global for oil. We cannot control the price from here. Simple.


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