Thursday, June 21, 2007

Congress Hits Bottom; Keeps Digging!

The complete disconnect between our Congress and the voters of this country continues and worsens...

Instapundit gathers the information and some added comments.

This is indeed a dangerous situation. Something, somewhere has to change. That is not an idle statement, but fact. This great nation cannot continue to operate with our "elitist" and completely oblivious Congress and President so very far from the public position.

The term elitist as used above is, in my opinion, completely warranted! The Congress has made it their position that they know best and we, the know the voters....know nothing.

It is long past the time when either a third party need exist, or...there needs be a mass ending of political careers in the 2008 elections.


UPDATE: Speaking of "diss"approval.......this from Neal Boortz:


Guess what has crept up on the list of most important issues facing Americans? Yep. Immigration. Or, illegal immigration. Second only to Iraq, which should technically be labeled our war against Islamic extremists ... But anyway, Zogby just did a little poll. You wanna know what it said? It said that only 38% of Americans think the immigration legislation is a good idea. Even worse, a measly 3% of Americans think that Congress has done a good job handling the immigration bill. The president did a little better with 9%. I mean, Bush's approval ratings have been low, and Congress is notoriously unpopular, but this is appalling.

But I wonder how many people out there actually know how their representatives are going to vote. Heck, how many people out there even know who their representatives are! When these polls are taken and they ask about Congress, people generally assume the entire body of Congress. And this is fine, but if you want to actually do something about an issue (like immigration) you have to lobby your individual representatives. They are the ones that are supposed to be representing you with their votes. Now I have gotten plenty of emails from listeners, sending me their letters they've sent to their representatives. This is a good thing. But unfortunately I am afraid that it isn't the norm. So when you see that 3% approval rating, how do your representatives stack up? Do you think that three out of every hundred people approve of their job? If so, this is some pretty lousy representation we have here.