Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We See This In Our Grandkids!

Out-of-doors was where I lived as a child/teen.....Not because I was a woodsman, but instead because I enjoyed the time away from the home.

Now, it seems, that has been reversed: Reported by Donna St. George.

I am not surprised......my metal gas station, and worn deck of cards was a poor substitute for the PlayStation, and PC potentials of today. I still prize a picture of my diminuitive 4 year old granddaughter in Rockford, IL, sitting on a BOOSTER seat to play a PC game.

Times change....sometimes NOT for the better.

Our just-turned 11 year old grandson spent last weekend with us, and the thing is, while he works for me outside, and rides his bike, he still prefers cartoons/TV/PlayStation/PC online games to the outside stuff.