Thursday, June 21, 2007

DEMs are on a "Witch Hunt"....but they deny it!

Just go read the F-A-C-T-S!!!!


But, of course the DEMS will decry the FOX item as the FOX News items , TO THEM, are completely biased.......

Have you, my friends and readers seen the poll that sez the Main Stream Media are BIASED in their giving to the political parties.....????

What a surprise....they give more to the DEMs than to the a margin of 90% to 10%

WOWSER!....what a surprise, (Wink, Wink).....

The media are LIBERALS! That is fact.....

But we are expected to believe their news stories????

That MUST be the reason the MSM ratings are in the BASEMENT!!!!

what are they now, on the believeability factor????? 20%, 15%.....they are so low as to escape reality!

WE need to find a new political image which works, and we have to do it without the MSM or ANY input they offer.....They are biased, unreal, and willing to offer anything as fact which helps the Liberal agenda....