Saturday, June 23, 2007

Immigration Update!!!!!

1st.....The opposition grows....

2nd.....Gingrich on ABC report sez bill is a hand-written invite to millions MORE illegals! (Surprised???....Me neither)

3rd.....The "securing of our borders.....via a previously-enacted legislation is DELAYED????? (No surprise here law about immigration is inforced!....E-V-E-R!

4th.....127 new people are arrested as the Bushies try to make it appear they are REALLY, REALLY, working to stop immigration.....127 out of MILLIONS?????

If a gang of 1,000 comes to cause damage in your area and you arrest 1 is it enforcement???? Of course not.

It is PR to try to sell the public that enforcement is "working".....BS!!!!!

This shows why we need to insure the bill F-A-I-L-S