Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Danes Strike Back - Ya Gotta Love It!

About time this happened.....Gates of Vienna reports on Danish effigy burning of Mohammed! Their goal....a Mohammedan-Free-Denmark.

FINALLY....someone strikes back with the same tools used by the Islamic Yellers-and-screamers......(Yes, I know the title is simplistic, but it somehow fits these idiots!)

It is time for the world to step back and look at the idiocy of coddling such violent, absolutely single-minded, anti-everything-but-their-religion folks. There is no placating folks who hate everything but their own brand of religion....you know, the one which relates today to what they did and believed in the time of Christ, and before. These folks do not live ina real world, and are happy to utilize your products of advancement, as long as YOU worship their god of terror, killing, subjugation, and non-enlightenment!

Nuff Said