Monday, June 25, 2007

They Are "A-feared" of Thompson.....!

Thank you DEMs for giving us more info on who we should run to claim the White House in 2008....

The nice thing about politics is they is politics!!!!!

Thus.....per THIS PIECE... we know Fred Thompson is a truly viable candidate; one feared by the DEMs....

Ya gotta love it....

This is part of why I am on-board for I have said, and my site tells....

(Repeat of previous notation: I AM NOT PAID BY the Thompson folks....I display one ad for the support of Thompson, and that I do willingly, but not "PAID FOR" as the ad states....I ain't received a dime folks....nor do I want/expect same!

Thompson is going to shake this up in the vein of Reagan....not because he is a Reagan Republican, but because he is an "Outsider"....not part of the hated "beltway group" which most of our politicians are.....He comes into the frey somewhat clean, and giving really, really good infomercials for his cause.....and HE LOVES THE BLOGS!!!!

What else could we ask?


UPDATE: The DEMs are in full attack mode.....JUST CHECK THIS OUT!