Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Media Bias....Lack of Coverage? - Just LOOK!

I am a disciple of the fact that today's "News" is not that, but staged dialogue in most instances....particularly in the Middle-East!

This is a great read about just why I BELIEVE THAT!

Michael Totten shows his stuff, and is part of the "real" media in Iraq and the Middle-East.....We all need to read more of this and less of the pablum dished by the MSM (Antique Media)....

WHY do the MSM seek such "sensationalist" shots, and ignore facts....???? 1. it is convenient and takes no work....2. It is according to the bias they follow....

When I was a newsman/news director about 30 years ago we sought balance, fairness, and absolute knowledge of our stories. Wha Happened??????

This is SAD-Just SAD!