Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bias (Favorite Candidate) Admitted!

Below in the right column....just beneath my Day-By-Day Cartoon will now find a fundraiser widget from the Fred Thompson campaign.....

I have decided to make an official announcement that I support Fred. I am NOT paid by, nor guided any fashion...Fred's campaign group. I will continue to seek other inputs, and will provide my usual stories on politics with my already-acknowledged conservative/libertarian beliefs. no one can say....well actually they can, but i have acknowledged my favorite openly... that I am subverting the political side of my blog as a pro-site for a particular candidate. As anyone who regularly reads this blog knows, I play no favorites. I was, for instance, for Bush before I was against him... I was certainly for him against John Skarry....

My beliefs are my own, and one of those is that this coming 2008 Presidential campaign...AND the companion Congressional elections are crucial to our future. I simply believe Fred Thompson is the man for the job and that he reflects my own beliefs in his statements.

Nuff Said


UPDATE: Despite the wording at the bottom of the Thompson ad....It is NOT a paid least not on this site. I voluntarily placed it there, and no $ were or will be involved in my direction!