Monday, June 04, 2007

Bush Fatigue?

The supply of Bush-fiasco information currently available is huge! The entire GOP, almost without exception has major, major problems with him.....

MSNBC has a story...

Given his lack of common sense on many items, bull-headed stick-to-his-decisions mode, and complete "I don't care, and you are bad if you do!" on immigration, this President has indeed worn out his welcome.

He makes me angry in a way few Republicans ever have (excepting our own Florida Senator Mel Martinez for whom I will NEVER cast a vote!)....He is not even on the map about the concerns of his own party.

28% support?

That is pathetic!

That is Bush who is sinking the party....which in and of itself seems to be so discordant among its own members and leaders as to need some massive influx of Reaganesque reason!


I lean more and more!