Friday, June 01, 2007

GOP Income in Tailspin!

Michelle Malkin has the details on a MAJOR drop in RNC income! READ IT HERE!

It's the fence, stupid.....well, actually the LACK of a fence!

No plan for illegals works til then.

Meanwhile Patterico's Pontifications has a two-part look at the criminal activity conducted by our illegals. & This does not even address the terrorist illegals we know are around.

Why-O-Why cannot Bush/Kennedy/et al get a clue? Oh, yeah, I forgot....Bush wants em here for his business buddies to exploit, and Kennedy only sees votes in the Demo camp.

I not only predict this one will kill any future Bush activity, but it is going to kill 2008 for the GOP...unless a unified GOP comes out and stops it. Not likely!


UPDATE: Mary Catherine Hamm has a neat report on An RNC phone solicitation gone bad!