Tuesday, June 05, 2007

& THEY'RE OFF!!!!! The GOP Numbers C-H-A-N-G-E!!!

The latest Rasmussen poll shows tremendous changes in the GOP standings.....

Over at Hugh Hewitt's place Dean Barrett details the current situation.

The amazing thing to me is the rumble from Thompson who is only "exploring" the possibility...though we are all pretty sure he will be in there.

2nd Surprise.....or perhaps not....McCain is s-l-i-d-i-n-g.....way off the pace and into 4th place.

We are, however still nearly a year and a half from the election, and more than a year from the conventions.....

This one is far from concluded folks.....the openings of future comments by Thompson will play a good part....as will a yet-possible entry of Newt Gingrich!

I am sure we will all be tired of it before it ends....however, it is refreshing to have an actual open primary set with no incumbent running (much as the Hildabeast would like to wear that mantle.) After all Hillary could challenge that fact as she did say, while Willie was in the hallway....."WE are the President!"