Monday, June 04, 2007

& I Never Followed Kucinich's Campaign????

I have lived in a somewhat shadow world as regards Dennis Kucinich, Ohio Representative to Congress. I had read enough about his politics to know I could find nothing in him with which I agreed.


Now I look at this short little toad of a fellow with new respect and admiration!

Today I saw him on TV at the Post-debate "Spin" session, and there beside this diminutive 5 ft 6-7 fellow was a gorgeous 6 foot redhead who looked like half his years.....They kept smiling at one another. Following a hunch, and with visions of stained dresses and soaked cigars dancing in my head......I went searching our wonderful internet and found:
The gal is English.....has a pierced tongue, Elizabeth by name, and is his third wife...not a bad count for a Roman Catholic! (This pic is from another source, not the spin session!)

The lovely young lady claimed in an interview that the couple awake each morning, get up for breakfast and then back-to-bed for a few more hours! Seriously....she claimed it in an interview.....I'll bet his smile was six inches wider than his little face!

The man has something folks! Go Dude!!!!

Hat tip......even though I could still no more vote for him than for John Kerry.