Wednesday, June 06, 2007

FOX NEWS Isn't? - Then Why Are They #1?

Neal Boortz' weblog this morning reports on a sour grapes statement by a retired MSM TV Reporter....

"Anyone who thinks that any news source out there is unbiased is fooling themselves. You have been brainwashed by liberal media outlets to believe that their news is the "right" news ... that it is balanced and lacking expression of political beliefs or opinions.

Sorry .. but that is flat out wrong. It is impossible to rid the media of political bias. Media is not just about how you say something but what you choose to talk about. The New York Times putting the Muslim JFK plot on the 37th page—liberal media bias. Not acknowledging the fact that the conspirators were Muslim in their on-line digest, liberal media bias.

I say every day on this radio show that if you believe everything that I say and don't check it out for yourself, then you are making a big mistake. You are relying on one, clearly opinionated, source for your news and that does not make someone educated. You might be interested ... heck, you might even find it entertaining! But to assume that any media news source is the be-all-end-all of the "truth" is just just not all that bright.

That brings us to Bernard Shaw, one of CNN's most well-known retired anchors, Shaw says that Fox News isn't really news. He says it's "commentary and personal analysis." Sorry .. but I think Shaw has it wrong. There have been non-partisan studies of the major news sources on television, and these studies have pretty much shown that most, if not all, of the major broadcast news organizations are very much liberal in their viewpoint, their choice of news stories and their presentation. I said most. There is an exception. These studies have shown that Fox News can't be defined as liberal. Nor can it be defined as conservative. That would be Fox News. Fox presents its news in what these studies have described as a centrist manner. The commentary? Well, that would be something else. Perhaps the problem here is that our government educated people can't really differentiate between commentary and news.

Shaw says, "Unfortunately, Fox News is the ratings leader . . . on the cable side of the business, and what Fox puts on the air is not news." I think what we're dealing with here is a bit of sour grapes. How dare Fox bring higher ratings than CNN! Who do they think they are?

Well there you have it. Anchors at CNN deliver the "right" news, while Fox News is simply discredited. This is a typical liberal tactic. Rather than refute arguments or ideas presented on Fox, liberals just slap a conservative label on it and call it a day. There is no point in arguing. Liberals know best, and nothing else it worth addressing."
(I added the emphasis above!)

Well, isn't that special....Shaw basically is saying it cannot be that the top-rated channel is doing things right....when we know WE are the ones doing it right...just BECAUSE WE KNOW!

Har....At my place in the morning while reading sports/comics/some local stuff in the paper, we are tuned to FOX News!