Thursday, February 01, 2007

2008 Comic Relief Arrives - Franken Announces Candidacy!

He has done it. The man who, almost single-handedly drove Air America (Liberal Radio) to near-extinction, and in the process gave himself an awesome salary...Al Franken...has announced his candidacy for Senate from the frozen State of Minnesota.

Not only is this going to provide comic relief, but huge volumes of fodder for the many Minnesota blogs which provide some of the top blogger-writing in the sphere.... including: Captain's Quarters; PowerLine; Fraters Libertas; and a number of others...including Hugh Hewitt....not in Minn., but always interested in the goings-on there.

I am still concerned that Air America failed so miserably....financially and in listenership. While the two may be linked, they are different. The problem is, now that the network failed...even though it may be brought back by new owners in a different light...the Liberals in Congress will be trying any way they can to restrict/limit/destroy talk radio which is almost completely dominated by those pesky Conservatives!

Wonder why Conservative/Libertarian talk folks succeed? IT'S THE LISTENERS STUPID! The conservatives listen, and support vis-a-vis advertising, their folk. The liberals do not have much of an audience once you get beyond the raving fringe.

I am eager to see the 1st poll results comparing Franken to incumbent Republican Norm Coleman in the Minnesota race.