Wednesday, January 07, 2009

SPEND-BORROW-SPEND.....N-O-T A Recipe For Success!!!

Deficit, Deficit, Deficit.....NOT A Success formula!

My God! Do these Legislators/Presidents-Elect have no actual reasoning power?

WE....You know....The actual TAX-PAYERS....Have no say in this charade. WE, the folks who FUND the government, are being shafted once again by Obama and his folks.

The secret, according to them, is to TAX us and SPEND the money of the government (BORROWED, of course) to MAKE the economy work!

This method has failed.....time after time after time after time! It has N-E-V-E-R worked. WHY would Obamassiah believe he can change the facts????

Cause he is the Obamassiah!

WE, the taxpayer will pay for this, and given the gloriously large amount of "incentive" this person proposes, WE will pay for this for GENERATIONS!

Wake up America.....!