Sunday, December 28, 2008

What If??????

What if Israel halted their current war against Palestinians?

What if Israel then adopted a new plan......a plan wherein they lined up their own rockets and mortars, and in response to the Hamas gunmen/Terrorists, they indiscriminately fired back into Palestinian territory each and every time the Palestinians fired a shell/rocket in the direction of Israel?

What if the Israelis fired back using the same level of "shoot-anywhere-without-fear-of-who-you-hit" plan as do the Palestinians?

What would be the response then of the U.N.? The other Arab nations? The rest of the world's governments?

What would a "tit-for-tat" response bring?

I am guessing we'd get the same hand-wringing, woe is Palestine response we are hearing now. BUT, would not the bleeding-heart media, and the Idiotarians of the Middle East have a much harder time finding fault with the 1 for 1 response...if it is fairly acknowledged?

Ah, but there is the key. The U.N., other Arab nations, and the rest world's governments do not seem to recognize the rockets and shells from Palestine aimed at Israel.

They simply do not count.