Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Screaming Liberals of The World Decry Palestinians' Deaths!

From every corner of the world the dead Palestinians seem to bring forth a cry of evil regarding the Israeli perpetrators. 200 plus dead from aircraft attacks. Nary a word about the continuous mortar and rocket barrage falling on Israel all this year. 3,000 plus shells/rockets have hit Israeli soil....most of them during the so-called cease fire....honored only by Israel.

The cease fire expired two weeks ago and the Palestinians doubled, then redoubled their attacks. The Israelis, showing a huge amount of restraint, issued ever-stronger warnings to the Palestinians. The attacks from Gaza continued and again grew.

Israel struck hard and fast. They literally destroyed almost every Hamas control center in Gaza. Most of the dead were Terrorists....Hamas thugs. The civilians who perished were killed as the Israelis could not avoid them. The Hamas thugs set their centers and weapons in civilian know, just like terrorists everywhere.

The media, and the governments around the world call for Israeli halts to killing. They say nothing of the Palestinians rockets. Even the USA issues the lone call for Palestinians to halt their attack....and in the same breath urge Israel to not hurt civilians...saying nothing of the cause for the civilian deaths.

There has never been a more one-sided war in the minds of media and many governments. Israel is always wrong; Palestinian thugs can do no recognizeable wrong.