Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Jacksonville, FL

The latest group looking to Washington to come to their rescue may catch some by surprise, but the case is being made that without a mobile DJ bailout, our economy may not recover. Paul of D’Land Entertainment is leading a growing movement that seeks to stop the catastrophe about to encompass this country.

“The Christmas season is our biggest” said Paul. He continued “Many DJ’s from around the country were down by as much as 40% this season.

It may sound inconsequential, but there are 10,000 DJ’s around the country and if they fail, we could see a domino effect as business that thrive on DJ’s also start to fail. There are the companies that sell equipment and music to them. Some have suggested that even iTunes could be hurt and that may even lead to the destruction of Apple Computer. As this news gets out, we may see shares of Apple fall by as much as 50%. With out DJ’s buying music, we could see major music labels go down as well.

What about the businesses that rely on good music to thrive? Night clubs are already hurting, as are catering halls, bartenders and liquor distributors. The billion dollar wedding business may be against the ropes as well. The prospect of a wedding reception without music is not something a serious bride wants to think about. “My guests will leave if they are not having any fun” exclaimed a possible bride, “I refuse to get married under those circumstances.” Without weddings, there go Invitation companies, cake bakers, photographers, videographers. Total wedding industry breakdown.

This brings us to the moral part of saving the DJ’s. Without weddings, there would be an increase in the number of couples living together. This may keep some away from the church, causing church membership to drop. With fewer people getting married, fewer people would be getting divorced. There go the divorce lawyers! More and more illegitimate children, dogs and cats living together in sin, society on the brink of collapse, anarchy!!!!

Sorry… Don’t let this happen. Call your Congressman today. Better yet, send your funds directly to me, I mean us. Save the free world this Christmas, help a DJ today

Little Duke