Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Suddenly Feel More Patriotic!

I moved about a good bit for many years, thus I never received a summons to jury duty. Finally, after residing in my current residence for 15 years (three years ago) I received one. Duchess and I were booked and paid for a cruise when I was to report, and I had to sign the "Exemption or Mandatory Disqualification" form and send it in.

Now, yesterday, I received a summons, and will be reporting January 20th....especially given the low # I have. Here in Tampa they assign potential jurors numbers, and then call the number they anticipate needing. I'll know the night before....but given I am #190 & usually several hundred are called, I feel confident I'll at least sit in the waiting room for a while.

Duchess, meanwhile, has been called three times, and served on two juries; a murder trial and a civil trial.

They claim they call here based on driver licenses.

Should be interesting, even if a bit boring, to actually live the process.