Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Global Warming Joke!

From Neal Boortz' "Nealz Newz".....

"If global warming is real, then can someone tell me why the oceans are getting cooler? Yup .. been getting cooler for a while now. In fact, the ocean temperatures off the coast of California are at a 20 year low. Not 2 year ... 20 year.

Oh, you can bet the global warming crowd has some excuse. Cyclical, they say. Odd, isn't it, that the ocean temperatures can be cyclical, but global temperatures cannot. When the oceans warm or cool it is all part of some cycle. When the earth warms or cools man did it with his SUVs and coal-fired power plants.

Someday most of you will understand that this whole man-made global warming scare has been ginned up by anti-capitalist moonbats whose real desire is to cripple capitalism."

Gollee....Guess we'll have a two-stage retreat here in the future by the GW idiotarians who will 1st - Try desperately to spin coverage of Global Warming out of the thread of cooling Earth....and then, 2nd IGNORE the topic totally, and never discuss it again!

Gore.....well, he'll still be preaching GW when he rolls into the grave cause it is his own one-note-song.

How sad that so much of the political world of the Earth has given $ to this man and his ideas....WITHOUT PROOF!