Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Marvin is, BlackJackie!

Duchess and I have been owners of cats for our entire time together. We had three for several years, then Marmalade, our orange and white tabby passed on at the ripe old cat-age of 19 years. It was about three years later that Bandit, our Siamese/Manx mix also went to that big litter box in the sky. He suffered with diabetes, a number of other things as well.

This left us with C.J., our white mostly-siamese. C.J. came to us as a gift from one of our daughters whose then-new hubby was alergic to cats. He is now 14 plus and aging rapidly.
C.J. & BlackJackie
This long introduction is by way of setting the stage for the phone call I received from Duchess a little over a week ago. She had stopped at the local pet supermarket next door to her exercise place. The stop was to get a new litter box that fit a remodeled hall bathroom. The call to me was from a woman with a black cat on one arm and a white one on the other. We ended up with the black cat.

The store named the kitten "Marvin". Well, that would never do...So Marvin became Blackjack.....

UNTIL Yesterday when an initial vet visit confirmed BlackJack was BlackJackie.....

She is neutered, and a bundle to handle....quick as a flash and able to create havock as most kittens are.