Monday, November 17, 2008

We Have To Support Buggy Whips! - WHOOEY!

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GM, the current day "purveyor of buggy-whips" is a dinosaur supporting the huge boondoggle of extravagant union programs, massive governmental interventions, and more...all on products no longer accepted by most Americans.

Michael E. Levine expands on the reasons GM bankruptcy IS the answer!

Meanwhile, of course, the unions are trying to blame the failing of the automaker on the economy, and anything other than their bloated benefits package which far outstrips any paid to similar workers in Toyota factories.

Time to bite the bullet and free us from union idiocy....not give them the open vote so more and more firms can be lost to unions.

Perhaps we may finally have a GOP issue on which they can begin to regain traction with the electorate!


UPDATE: Michelle Malkin also sees this as a line-in-the-sand moment for the GOP!

UPDATE II: Neal Boortz is also on the case this morning with his explanation of why GM/FORD need to face bankruptcy: "The Democrats also want to limit executive pay ... but what about the over-inflated pay of the workers at these auto companies, thanks to union contracts. I've told you this statistic before, but $1,600 of every GM car you buy goes toward the healthcare costs of union workers. For companies like Toyota that aren't unionized - that cost is only $200 per car. GM also spends another $1,000 per vehicle on holiday pay, work rules, plant-shutdown-pay and line-relief to UAW workers. Those are costs that auto makers such as Toyota don't have to worry about. The average Ford, GM or Chrysler union worker makes about $71.00 or more per hour. For Toyota, Nissan and the rest ... about $48.00 per year. Do you detect a small problem here?

If the Democrats are truly concerned about "restructuring company finances" they should start with union contracts. What is clear from this situation is that these companies can no longer handle the burden of unionization ... so why should the Democrats allow this practice to continue if they succeed with their bailout? It will be the taxpayers funding the system that broke these auto companies to begin with."

His entire piece is available at Neal's blog....